Image of Head Study Book (2013)

Head Study Book (2013)


This is a 36 page book I made from my street Head Study project. The Head Study was also recently showcased on Behance. The books were printed on 100 lb premium matte paper and saddle stitched. The format is 7.5 inches by 7.5 inches.
Limited Edition
Published 2013

(More info about the Head Study)
In 2011 the Metropolitan Museum in New York City exhibited a show called Rooms With a View: The Open Window to the 19th Century. Each painting depicted exactly what the title suggest, rooms with views. The combination of the interiors with the views set something off in me. I was immediately drawn into these paintings and since I worked blocks away from the museum I went back numerous times. I enjoyed the space and composition each painter created. Being Romantics each view was carefully painted to scale and to the exact dimensions. They were snapshots into 19th Century. It inspired two projects which I am still currently working on. One is this Head Study (displayed here) and the other Rooms With Views (coming shortly). The latter being more closely connected to the actual Met show. The Heads series is about direction and the act of looking. Placing my subject in the foreground allowed me the angle to share in their view. I picked my subjects carefully and intentionally in their own natural surroundings.